Hi there!  I am Michael Petrinic, founder of Petrinic Solutions.  I started this business because I want to apply my computer and electronic skills I have acquired over the years.  The opportunity that artificial intelligence and wireless communications provides leads to a surprising result – the simplicity of controlling all the devices around you with your voice.  Remember back in the day when your old man would yell at you to change the channel?  Welcome to the 21st century version of that.

Besides this new passion, I still build custom computers, programs, and websites during my spare time.  I also explore other ventures, so please if you have a request that is not mentioned on my website don’t be afraid to ask!

A bit of background about me:

  • I am originally from NJ (right outside of New York)
  • Graduated from Rutgers New Brunswick 
  • I worked at my high school installing large scale computer networks
  • On many occasions I helped out my good friends and neighbors with their computer and electronic issue, which led me to create this business!