Computer Repair

I have been building, configuring, programming, and repairing computers for about 20 years now, and I would like to say I have seen it all. The majority of problems can be solved within 24 hours, most customizations within 72 hours. The follow is a list of services that will come with any service chosen:

  • Door to Door pickup from Katy to Downtown, from Jersey Village to Sugarland
  • Email response within 1 hour (obviously not during my sleeping hours!)
  • 15 minute phone call discussing the work requested
  • 6 month work guarantee - over the phone or in person

Remote Help (Windows Only)

If you need constant tech support and you don’t want me to come over your house (I can’t blame you), then I can set up your windows machines to accept my remote sessions, when you need.  There is an initial setup at your home and I can only log into your computer if you specifically send me an invitation.

—   $50 At-Home Initial Setup Fee + 150 minutes (If Needed)   —

—   $10 per 20 minutes   —

Computer Clean-Up

Sometimes computers need to get a fresh start.  A Computer Clean-Up will do just the trick – I will delete everything that your computer has, and then reinstall your choice of OS with all updates required and certain programs installed to help you get back on track.  If you have any important files, I will back them up first on a flash drive and give it to you.

—   $100 Computer Clean-up   —

—   $10 File Backup and Flash Drive   —

—   With 5 programs installed, $5/program thereafter   —

Computer Tune-up

The aim of this to clean up your existing computer.  All your programs, documents, pictures, music, and videos will be intact, but your computer will be humming along.  It is not as effective as a true Computer Clean-up, but it can probably solve the majority of your problems.

—   $50 for Tune-up   —