Encrypted Cloud Storage

Small Business Microsoft Office 365

There are many instances where you need someone to setup, manage, and teach on how to run a cloud service in addition to office functionalities. Microsoft Office 365 does just that. Having used it extensively, I can create custom sessions with your team to maximize their organization and collaboration. Contact me today for more info!

Onsite – Cloud Storage

Mainly for small businesses like myself, but can be adapted to whoever, this solution sets up a custom cloud storage server at your location. The startup cost can range from $200 all the way to $2000, but you have ownership of the hardware yet I can modify and edit it as needed. This option is great for business that work on project teams that needs to share data / documents constantly.

Offsite – Cloud Storage

While the major companies have their cloud storage services (Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon to name a few) and they are clearly much better than mine, I have noticed some of my clients would like complete encryption on their storage. They do want to have all the basic necessities like apps and photo backup, but having a offsite storage solution that is completely hidden (after all, the majority of my security is through obscurity). I will be competitive and provide bespoke storage options, so engage in dialog and lets make it happen!