Home Automation

There are many things to automate in one's home. You can control by your voice, location, motion, or a schedule that you desire. Unfortunately the marketing with automation is currently vague (control the lights with your voice! Yay!), and thus the bridge between what home automation can provide and how it can make your lives better is currently far or non-existent. Automation doesn't mean everything has to be smart.

That is where I come in. I ask you many scenario based questions (Imagine you just hopped into bed, and just closed your eyes. Is it at that moment you ask yourself "Is the front door locked?") to understand how you go about your life. Then I conduct a survey of your home to better understand what solutions will work in your home. Once everything is installed I will provide a tutorial and constant support over the phone, along with a one, three, and six month in person checkups to see if there are any adjustments that need to be made.

I want you to continuously use the product that you are buying, because what would be the point?

Products I Use

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Lutron Caseta
  • Philips Hue
  • Google Nest
  • Logitech Harmony
  • Kodi
  • Kwikset Kevo

Products I am researching

  • Chamberlain Garage
  • August Smart Lock
  • Ring Doorbell

Logitech Harmony

I currently have an Amazon FireTV, PS4, and a computer (I play a lot of video games) connected to an amplifier and a TV. Many products require many remotes, but the Logitech Harmony connects them all together. I highly recommend it!

— $50 per remote. This includes installation and setups. Remotes will be purchased at cost (minimum ~$100 for their base model). —

Google Nest

If you haven’t gotten yourself a Nest, what are you waiting for! I have saved hundreds of dollars in my first year of installing the thermostat. It does some pretty smart things to keep your AC usage low. This is especially helpful in the Houston summers 😉

— $300 per Nest Thermostat. Includes product, installation, and setup. —

Philips Hue

Philips Hue is pretty expensive, but if you want reliable color changing lights for your movie room, I recommend nothing else.

— $60 per bulb. This includes product and setup. —

Lutron Caseta

The Lutron Caseta product line is my favorite. You can control lights, shades, and fans via voice, app, schedule, or geofence. Most importantly it looks amazing! It is the minimum starting point in any smart home.
— $100 per Lutron switch. This includes product, installation, and setup. —
— $60 per Lutron smart plug. This includes product and setup (its a plug, you can install it yourself!) —